Our Advice for Dealing with Divorce Real Estate

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Today I am back with divorce attorney Samuel Godkin, who is going to answer a question that we have recently received about divorce in real estate. The question is "How often do you have clients that need to divide real estate assets in a divorce?"

For Samuel, this happens in about 80% of his cases, because real estate is one of the biggest assets that a couple has. He recognizes the need for real estate professionals when it comes to dividing up assets because of a case he had about 12 years ago.

This particular couple was going through a divorce, but one of the spouses was very much attached to the home, because he built it. He did whatever he could to get his spouse out of the home so he could stay in it, against Samuel's advice.

By the time the divorce was finalized, the home was worth 30-50% less, and he ultimately lost it to foreclosure. A real estate expert could have really helped in this particular case. If the economy is taking a downturn or there are trends taking over the marketplace, an expert would know this and take the information to account when giving the couple advice. Nobody has a crystal ball, but a real estate expert can give sellers the best option for them whether it's selling or renting. 

I am a certified divorce real estate professional, and it's my job to remain neutral throughout the process in order to find a solution that is best for both divorcing parties. We want to make sure that if one of the spouses wants to stay in the house, we do whatever we can to help. 

If you have any questions for Samuel, give him a call at (619)-544-6000. If you have any other questions about divorce real estate, give us a call or shoot us a quick email. We are here for you anytime. 

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