Divorce Mediation with Dr. Debra Dupree Part 2

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Today I'm back with Dr. Debra Dupree with Triad Divorce Mediation and she's going to talk about the process of divorce mediation.

The initial meeting will be to gather the information from both parties to get a better picture of what's happened and what they would like to get out of the mediation process.

The second meeting is usually where the paperwork begins. There is a certain document that must be shown to the court to begin the mediation process, so it does take a little time to get started. Different cases need to be handled in different ways, so it's important that you let your mediators know what you want beforehand.

Some people need to deal with financials, and others need to discuss the division of the belongings in the home. Some issues require more investigation, such as whether a couple should sell a home or not.

Asking the right questions is important during the process. This can lead to a customized solution that will leave everyone involved as happy as possible. There are a lot of different factors to work over, so communication is extremely important to this process as a whole.

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