Why Is Divorce Mediation Your Best Option?

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Today I have Dr. Debra Dupree with Triad Divorce Mediation. She's going to talk about the process of divorce mediation. The good thing about divorce mediation is that it's highly successful. Most people (80-90%) that go into mediation will come out with agreements.

The process of mediation is not only a good way to reach a deal, it's also a way to get some healing effects through a safe and structured environment. The recovery from a divorce can be rough, and participating in mediation can help to cope with high levels of stress.

Generally the parties sit down with a client manager and a certified divorce financial analyst, and that's where they begin to gather the information they need in order to cut down on the complexity of the case.

From this point is where Dr. Dupree can offer you several different plans to fit your needs. This depends on what you can afford and what you want to do with your assets during a divorce.

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